Adventure Anywhere– We’ll Tag Along | Tomshoo Camping Stove Guide To P

Adventure Anywhere– We’ll Tag Along | Tomshoo Camping Stove Guide To Portability

Life is busy. Every day, there's a commute to make, laundry to do, and bills to pay. Coupled with social media's constant reminder to compare the life you have to the life you want, peace can feel out of reach. When it feels like nothing will ever slow down, it’s important to remember one thing: you can always reconnect with what matters most to you.

When the weight of the world makes us lose track of what brings us peace and joy, it’s easy to feel out of balance. Taking time to reconnect to the experiences and people that put you back into alignment is worth it. That’s where we come in.

In a world that never stops moving, Tomshoo Camping Stove stops the clock. Our products were designed to make it easy to spend time around a fire, wherever you want to light one. It doesn’t matter where you find peace– we’ll meet you there. Grab some fire logs and close Instagram– it’s fire pit time.

What Makes Tomshoo Camping Stove Fire Pits Ultra-Portable?
Tomshoo Camping Stove were designed to function as an ecosystem. Use the twigs, leaves, branches, wood as fuel to cook a meal on your hike, no more money spent on gas canisters, no chemical emissions and carbon footprint. You can always have the safest, most fun camping cooking experience wherever you go, and you can always find unlimited free fuels in the nature

burning wood


The Front Yard
How many times have you sat in your driveway to watch the sunset? Have you ever met a new neighbor just because they stopped to chat? How about knowing your kids are safe while they’re riding their bikes up and down the street simply because you can see them? Turns out, there are lots of opportunities to connect with life right in your front yard. Light up your Tomshoo Camping Stove and stay a while, the best moments are right ahead.


The Tailgate
Let’s face it– food brings people together. Throw your Bonfire Cooking System Bundle in the truck and get ready to make some new friends– you’re going to be turning heads in the parking lot. Football fans and flame-kissed food go together like ketchup and mustard, and when you show up with the secret ingredient to a good time, you’re bound to make some memories. Even if you don’t enter the stadium, you can watch the game fireside. Football games are usually cold anyways– no thank you.



The Cabin
Your home away from home shouldn’t feel like a compromise. With a fire pit portable enough to make any house feel like your own, you’ll be able to unwind as naturally as possible. Tomshoo camping stove are perfect for upgrading a rental property or temporary getaway. Add in some Sticks to make the night pop with some sweets’ treats.

camping Cabin


The Water
It’s time to make the beach bonfires of your teenage dreams a reality. If you’re taking a fire pit to the beach, make sure you’re using a Stand since sand tends to be an uneven surface. Equip yourself with a Shield to keep embers from popping out of your fire pit and onto sandy surfaces where bare feet are sure to land. The same goes for boat docks and decks– make sure you use a Stand. But most importantly– have fun. These are the experiences you were born to have.

lake camping

The Backcountry
Dedicated fire pit users might try to bring their fire pits along on a hiking trip. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice your experience around the fire because of size. Years ago, Tomshoo was founded in a garage as our first line of Camp Stoves came to be. We were dedicated to providing hikers and campers with the best gear long before we got into the fire pit game. Click here to learn more about our Camp Stove line.
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