7 Fastpacking Tips for Beginners

7 Fastpacking Tips for Beginners

Fastpacking is the ever-elusive term for moving faster and lighter. It is taking your glamorous backpacking gear setup and whittling it down to the essentials without losing the enjoyment of an adventure.
Below, I’ve shared some tips to consider when you're in a hurry.

1. Get a smaller pack

TOMSHOO Cycling Backpack 20L/30L compact size with double-layer design,Suitable for all hiking,camping,climbing,traveling outdoor activities.It took me three different backpacks over four years to settle into a size that was just big enough to carry the essentials and an extra thing or two that improved my experience.

This is best done by trying a smaller backpack on an overnight trip first. Fill it to the brim with everything you can fit, and then make a note of all the things you didn’t use when you get back to the car.

2. A suitable bed

TOMSHOO Camping Portable Folding Bed keep you away from the rough, cold and wet ground and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Unique quick lock button for quick assembling and dismantle, you can finish the assembly process within minutes by just pushing the lock button. This portable bed (weight only 6.6lbs) can be quickly folded back into a stuff bag.

3. Make notes and reassess

At the end of a trip, note everything you didn’t use in your pack. Then, determine the things on that list that you don’t expect to ever need on the trail. This could be too much toilet paper, clothing, an entire bottle of Advil, a large tube of sunscreen or toothpaste, an external battery that was overkill for the duration of the trip, or even a thicker coat than the weather required.

4. Leave unnecessary clothing at home

Clothing is the easiest thing to overpack. Burdened by “what if” statements, the extra layers can add up. Living in Montana, it is one of the toughest things for me to overcome. But, simply packing for the expected weather and knowing I have a few multi-use items to get me through any cold temperatures makes it less anxiety provoking.

My rain jacket can double as a windbreaker, and an extra pair of socks can double as a second pair of gloves. It is a challenge to find the clothing that you wear, enjoy, and value, and leave the unnecessary items at home. 




Take Notes Over Time to Become a Better Fastpacker

Each of the above tips is a guideline for the ways to improve, cut down weight, and move more effectively through an environment. The real heart of fastpacking is to go further, see more, and do so in a safe and rewarding way. So, find what works for you out there and keep notes of the things that work and don’t work along the journey to becoming a fastpacker.

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