New: Titanium Mug

New: Titanium Mug

Titanium is a notoriously difficult metal to work with. It does not easily flatten and requires a highly technical process. The simple and elegant pots, mugs exemplify our design ethos and dedication to quality manufacturing processes.

The material is often favored by backpackers for their ultralight qualities. However, TOMSHOO designs each titanium item to be beautifully minimalist, so they easily integrate into day-to-day life. Titanium is corrosion-resistant and flavor neutral, making it a convenient and reliable choice for wherever adventure takes you.



【Material】: TOMSHOO camping mug is made of titanium, with no metal taste, nor the risk of rust stains and washes up easily. It can be used directly over a stove or directly over the campfire to help save fuel.

【Multi-Purpose Titanium Cup】: Great little camping titanium pot for boiling water and cooking very small meals. It’s the perfect size to boil water for freeze-dried meals and also uses as a coffee cup in the morning. Anytime you can find the gear that has a dual purpose.

【Practical & Convenient】: Camping cup pulls the triangle lid, works well, and stays relatively cool even after you turn off the gas after a boil. smallest titanium pot that will still fit a 100gm gas canister inside of the pot. The lid sits on top with handy vent holes to watch for boiling conditions.

【Strong & Lightweight】: Lightweight titanium mug, durable, and corrosive resistant, transfers heat well, cleans quickly with water, even after being heated for a long time, it has not warped in any way.(Note: Only 650ML & 750ML cups with capacity marks.)

【Easy to Carry】: The handles fold well against the sides of the pot for compact storage during travel. Perfect for a personal cup of coffee while backpacking. Even an ultralighter might deem this worth the space in their pack.


The TOMSHOO camping mug is does it all, whether you’re savoring the morning’s hot cup of coffee or sipping a camp cocktail. Add the TOMSHOO 420ml/750ml Mug and 750ml Pot to your camping kit!

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